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At All Natural Care, we provide quality natural products that are good for your skin and hair. Our cosmetics are made with plant-based and natural ingredients. All of our products are free of harsh chemicals, and are made with the utmost care and attention. 

We are committed to using only the best ingredients to create products that are safe, effective and affordable. Our goal is to make sure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of natural skincare without compromising on quality.


We are a Romanian company, a manufacturer of natural cosmetics, which combines the precious knowledge of the past and the indisputable conquests of the present. 

Fruits of a successful combination of herbs, oils and essential oils and with over 500 different products, we strive to earn the trust of our customers, create a

large selection and satisfy as many tastes and budgets as possible.


We have our own production base in a naturally clean area, in the heart of Bulgaria (Sofia).

Each recipe we create includes precisely selected active ingredients that are supplied by global companies - suppliers of raw materials for the cosmetics industry, while fully utilizing the richness of the unique nature with its

ecologically clean herbs and aromatic oils.

Our production capacity is unlimited and we offer natural and effective cosmetics created with respect for nature and people. 



We can offer you production and development of cosmetic products under your brand, because we believe and consider that all of you are our partners. Our aspiration is to create unique cosmetics that will satisfy your wishes and the demands of your customers.
If you are looking to introduce an established natural skin care brand to your market, look no further. Our brand is successfully being sold to end consumers all over Europe and other international markets and we are constantly looking for new markets to explore. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

We deal with products which are healthy, chemical free, of highest quality and have high demand in the market. We are able to pick up the freshest of raw materials directly from the manufacturers.  Our specialized raw material sourcing team makes sure that only the best quality raw material is supplied. This gives an added advantage of being a producer of purest and premium quality products.

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